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WHO: Existing outdoor teams, both youth (8U - 18U) and adult (19 and older), are natural sources for forming futsal teams. Promptly register your team for an upcoming winter or summer futsal season. Youth and adult teams may have different registration deadlines - see Registration page for more details.


WHEN/WHERE: Games are often on Friday and/or Sunday nights in the winter and Monday and/or Wednesday nights in the summer in city public school gyms. (See Venues page for exact locations.) Games start as early as 6:00pm with subsequent games starting every 50, 60 or 70 minutes, based on the team age (8U - 18U and adult). Each team will play one game per night scheduled. For example, session 1 of the 2014/15 winter season ran from Nov 7, 2014 to Jan 30, 2015 with a break around the holidays. This made an 8-game session. Session 2 of the 2014/15 winter season ran from Feb 6 to Apr 3, 2015. There were no plans for a third winter session. Outdoor soccer season takes precedence each spring. After spring soccer seasons, we run a summer futsal season comprised of a single 8-game session.


STANDARDS: Futsal games, as defined by FIFA, are composed of two 20-minute halves (shorter for younger divisions). But with a properly run clock, as North Alabama FUTSAL does using timekeepers, the halves can last from about 28 to 30 minutes each. With the addition of halftime and time between games, the time slot for adult games and 16U through 18U games is 1 hour and 10 minutes. 12U through 15U teams will play two 16 minute halves, which will fit into a 60-minute time slot. 8U through 11U teams will play two 12 minute halves, which will fit into a 50-minute time slot. Futsal games are quicker than soccer games. You will be in and out in about an hour or a little more.


QUALITY: North Alabama FUTSAL hosts games played by only FIFA futsal Laws of the Game (LOTG). Length and width of pitches comply with the minimum standards. All players will be registered and issued player passes, which ensures legitimate teams, i.e. no over age players on youth teams and no ringers on the final game. Only trained/certified referees are used. Coaches must register also and are strongly encouraged to take a futsal coach training course. The game clock is operated and accumulated fouls are called/counted per the futsal LOTG, which vary slightly from the outdoor game. A meeting of team captains and team managers will be held for new teams to clarify the futsal LOTG and league rules before play begins. (See Calendar page)


COST: There is (1) a team cost, (2) a performance bond per team, and (3) a player pass cost per player. Team costs range from $160 to $600 and performance bonds range from $40 to $100. Youth player passes are $9 each. Adult player passes are $20 each. Full detail on the Registration page. Team registration can be accomplished at team captains/managers meetings and at registration events (see Calendar page), online on this website and via US Mail. Registration requires paying half of the team cost plus half of the performance bond, initially, and completing payment prior to season start. After registering a team in a particular division, if there are not enough teams in that division to be a viable division, divisions may be combined or team cost and performance bond will be refunded.


Lastly, there is only room for about 12 youth teams and/or about 10 adult teams. So register your team soon or be left out.


Footnote: Most middle school and high school players must abide by AHSAA’s 50% Rule. But this should not be a problem since a futsal team roster size is commonly around 10 players. Six players could be from a single school and four others could be players not interested in playing for the school team or from a different school.

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