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Other teams:


Expendables, Summer 2014 Champs

Expendables, Winter 2014/15/S2 Champs

Hazardous Personnel Summer 2014

M.A. Real Madrid

M.A. Bayern Munich & Liverpool


Not pictured above are youth teams AC Huntsville and Inter Huntsville and adult teams A-Team, Asian Assassins and Herricanes.


Summer Season 2017:


Two High School Division teams, Huntsville HS Girls and Whitesburg Christian Academy Boys.

Sorry, no team pictures.


Additional Adult Team that summer, FC International:







Summer and Winter Seasons 2016:


Participating Youth Teams, but not pictured:

AX 06B Barca Juniors, AX 06G Madison Reign, RCUDA 07B Madison,

AX 05B Madison Storm, AX 05G Madison Havoc, RCUSC 05G Wildcats,

AX 02B Liverpool USA-A, AX 02B Liverpool USA-B, AX 02G Madison Utd-A, AX 02G Madison Utd-B,

RCUDA 03B Madison, RCUSC 03B Revolution,

RCUDA 01B Madison-A and RCUDA 01B Madison-B


Participating Adult Teams:















Other Adult Teams not pictured:

2 Goals 1 Cup

Arse N All


FC International

The Commitments

The Expendables

The Replacements

Victorious Secret


Winter Season 2015/16:



Participating Youth Teams:




RCUSC 04 Gunners

RCUSC 04 Revolution







Crusaders 02 FC

Huntsvilla 02 Rovers

RCUDA 02 Ajax





Participating Adult Teams:




2 Goals 1 Cup

Colsa United

Hazardous Personnel







The Expendables


Manchesthair United





Previous Seasons:







Winter Season 2017/18:


Adult Teams:















Other Adult Teams: 2 Goals 1 Cup, Colsa, The Expendables, FC International and Wiz KhaFIFA, shown below in previous seasons

Not shown: Hazardous Personnel, RCUDA Juniors, Manchesthair United Academy

Participating Youth Teams, not all pictured:

U11: Hsv Chicks with Kicks, Hsv Goal Diggers, RCUDA'07-A Madison and RCUDA'07-B Madison

U12/13: AYSO United Blue, Monrovia ’06G, RCUDA'05 Ajax, RCUDA'05 Dortmund and RCUSC‘05G Wildcats

U15: RCUDA’03 Madison and RCUSC’03B Revolution

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Summer Season 2018:


Added Adult Team:                                                           Other participating Adult Teams: 2 Goals 1 Cup, Colsa United, The Expendables, Red Devils, shown below in previous seasons


Not shown: Hazardous Personnel, the “house” team










Youth Academy at Goldsmith-Schiffman Elem. School Gym:            Intro to Indoor Soccer at Optimist Rec. Center:

9-14 years old youth                                                                   4-8 years old youth (less than half of the players shown)

(only half of the

 players shown)


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