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North Alabama FUTSAL

Bringing Real Futsal to North Alabama

All players, teams, coaches and referees must be registered with U.S. Futsal Federation to participate in North Alabama FUTSAL activities, which is a good thing. It ensures legitimacy of players and teams and their coaches to guarantee competitions are fair. Registration of referees ensures consistency and quality of games played. This is in keeping with North Alabama FUTSAL’s mission to provide quality futsal to North Alabama.

Players must be registered with USFF and possess player passes with player IDs. So after a team has registered with North Alabama FUTSAL and USFF, the team captain, coach or manager must register all individual players along with paying an annual player registration fee of $9 per youth player or $20 per adult player.

Player Registration List, used for collecting player registration details


(North Alabama FUTSAL players get medical insurance by registering with USFF. No playing at your own risk.)



Looking for a team to join?      Looking for players to add to your team?

USFF offers clinics to become an referee instructor and a referee assessor.

Email info[at] for more information.

To be a futsal referee, one must take a referee certification clinic from USFF. Begin by registering to become a futsal referee under REGISTRATION on

Teams must register with both North Alabama FUTSAL and U.S. Futsal Federation to schedule competitions and to provide standards and insurance, respectively.

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Instructors, Assessors

Per USFF all futsal coaches are to be trained and certified. While a valid goal, in the interim, team coaches, managers and captains will serve as futsal coaches and will register online at to get coach IDs in order to register teams online. In time local futsal coaching clinics will train/certify all coaches of futsal teams in North Alabama. Until then, seriously consider the NSCAA online course on (now United Soccer



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With or without a team, a player may attend futsal camps, clinics and academies.

Futsal Player Camp Info and Registration Details

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