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In February 2018 - The S.E. Regional Futsal Championship in Spartanburg, SC,

February 17-19. It is “The” biggest futsal tournament in the Southeast U.S.

(February 19 is President’s Day)

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Dixie Defrost Futsal Tournament, January 20/21, 201821

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Tournament Rules


Text Box: 3rd Annual

The 33rd U.S. Futsal National Championship in Santa Clara, CA, in July 2018 in conjunction with the NLPF Finals.



Register your team here and now.

Early Bird Discounts expire after December 30, 2017.

There are three steps to complete registration:

1st - Team Registration with North Alabama FUTSAL:









This consists of providing a Team Name, Player Age, and Team Point of Contact Information and then paying the Team Cost.


                 Begin Online Team Registration Now — CURRENTLY DISABLED


NOTE: Team Registration fee is only refundable if there are not enough teams in your division for a contest. Registering a team is a commitment to participate.


Alternate Registration Method:

If you cannot or prefer not to register online, you may register your team by using the following form and by delivering your payment to the league in person or by U.S. Mail. All deadlines still apply. Email registrar[at] if you want to use this method of registration.

Team Registration Info.xlsx


Be advised that subsequent to team registration, you must go online to register players on your team. So if you cannot register your team online with North Alabama FUTSAL then you also may not be able to register your players online with USFF, the latter being required of team coaches/managers. There is an additional $10.00 charge per player for North Alabama FUTSAL to register your players.



2nd - Team Definition. You must build your team roster in the USFF registration system. Go to and (1) register as a coach (pay small annual fee of $20), (2) add your team name, and (3) add players to your team, but do NOT “Make Payment” for your players. Your team registration with North Alabama FUTSAL for the tournament covers player registration costs, i.e. North Alabama FUTSAL will take care of player registration costs, will print team rosters and player passes for your participation in the tournament. (Teams playing in the North Alabama FUTSAL winter futsal season or any other USFF sanctioned fall or winter futsal season already have team rosters/passes and may skip this step and use existing team rosters and player passes.)

Detailed Instructions and a useful Spreadsheet for collecting player registration details.


Team Registration & Definition DEADLINE: JANUARY 12, 2018


3rd - Team Check-in. You must check-in your team on the evening of January 19, 2018, and post a refundable Performance Bond of $75. Check-in consists of confirming your player birthdates and then receiving your team rosters and player passes . If the Performance Bond is not used, it will be refunded at the end of the tournament. See Tournament Rules on actions that cause the forfeitures of performance bonds.

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Last Year's Adult Division Winner, The Expendables



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